3D Laser Scanning










3D laser scanners are the latest tool in our arsenal. Investment in our own laser scanner gives our surveyors access to the latest survey technology on all projects. Our surveyors can efficiently collect millions of 3D observations in a short period of time. Using a scanner can cut out costly return visits to site, due to the completeness of the datasets typically collected. Survey points can be collected at 5-10mm spacings over hundreds of metres, and higher resolutions at close range. The scanner has an onboard digital camera which can record 360 degree panoramic images at each scan location, and allows colourisation of the scan data. Full colour scan data provides a very realistic experience in CAD. The imagery can be shared through our online WebShare portal, giving design teams collaborative access to the site from their desktops.

Laser scanning gives great benefits where access is difficult, dangerous or restricted. The output is in the form of a 3D point cloud for use in CAD or specialist modelling software. Point clouds can be used to produce traditional 2D plans also - floor plans, elevations, sections and even topographical data in some situations, or 3D rendered models and fly throughs. Laser scanning is particularly suitable for recording archive details of historic buildings and objects. 












3D models in Revit can be created from traditional survey information and laser scanned pointcloud data sets. 


Call us on 01727 849500 for access to our WebShare portal to view some scanning examples.




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