Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveying involves taking the engineers design drawing and accurately transferring the new detail on to the ground. The new design is normally marked out with wooden pegs or steel pins, to set-out building corners, new foundations and road alignments.

Usually an accurate topographical survey of the site has been carried out on which the design is based, enabling co-ordinated points to be quickly and efficiently set-out based on existing control. If an existing survey is not available, our surveyors have the skills and resources to produce one on the fly, and perform grid transformations as necessary. Our surveyors are often employed to establish and maintain site control stations and datums for others to use. Senior surveyors with many years experience are assigned to site engineering work, and are capable of troubleshooting dimensional problems on site. SDP are regularly commissioned for:

  • Site Control & Monitoring
  • Pile Setting Out and checking
  • Road Alignment Setting Out
  • Earthworks calculations - cut & fill
  • Digital Ground Modelling

As part of an engineering organisation our surveyors are working along side structural and civil engineers all the time and know exactly what they require. Many of our clients, especially house builders and developers, have realised the advantage of a one stop shop for surveying and engineering solutions.




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