GPS Surveys

The majority of our topographical surveys, as standard, are accurately related to the Ordnance Survey National Grid using specialist Global Positioning Systems (GPS) surveying equipment by Leicagps-pole300x291.jpg Geosystems. SDP subscribe to the SmartNet RTK network, operated jointly by the Ordnance Survey and Leica, for nationwide coverage of GPS data corrections. Our surveyors can therefore quickly and efficiently relate any site, to centimetre accuracy in plan and height. This means that our surveys are fully compatible with Ordnance Survey mapping, and our National Grid system and level datum.

Primarily we use GPS for control work. However, sometimes on larger more remote sites it can be more cost effective to use GPS to collect detail information quickly and instantly, without a full survey team and all the associated total station equipment. As our GPS equipment can record location data in real time it is a very self contained solution.

GPS can also be used for setting out where tolerancesGPS-controller200x267.jpg allow. For example, our surveyors can very quickly set out proposed building positions and road layouts to give an overview of site layout. This can be very useful in the early stages of a development for site management, locating site compounds, locating boreholes and monitoring wells, checking boundaries, in real time without the need for establishing a control station network. GPS is also good for level grids, and earthwork cut and fill measurement.




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