Topographical Surveys

A good topographical survey should be the basis of all design and site development. SDP have many years experience providing survey solutions. Using modern surveying equipment and techniques, our surveyors provide high detail 1:100 scale plans through to 1:1250 mapping. Our surveys are used by a wide range of clients and for a variety of purposes. The level of detail can be tailored to clients requirements and budget.  Get a Quick Quote

Basic Survey / Boundary Check Survey - A quick check of site boundaries, buildings on site and general spot levels. This is often all that is required for some sites, to check overall site size and that the architects scheme "fits". SDP can normally respond very quickly for this type of survey and results are seen within a couple of days.

Site Survey - A more comprehensive survey of the site limited to within site boundaries and perhaps the nearside kerb line of any road frontage. A site survey includes all detail covered by the boundary survey above along with all trees and vegetation, service covers and manhole covers, changes of surface, street furniture, overhead detail and a spot level grid at 10m centres.

Site Survey Plus - All the detail included in the "Site Survey" above with the additional inclusion of significant and relevant surrounding detail adjacent to the site, ie. surrounding buildings with heights of ridge and eaves, and any overlooking windows. Significant trees nearby that might effect proposed foundations. Drainage covers would be lifted and pipe invert levels, pipe sizes and connections recorded. Further detail in surrounding roads may also be required with information on sight line obstructions for proposed new access ways.

Full Specification - This includes everything in "Site Survey Plus", with additional detail on roadways, including all studs, road markings, and signal loops, correctly shown within 25mm of their actual position. Identification numbers on lamp posts and signs, details of signage, sometimes with digital photographs hyperlinked in the CAD drawing, detail of surface construction - paving slab and kerb sizes, additional spot levels at 5m centres. Often on these higher specification survey, more detail is required on trees and smaller specimens included, and a more detailed record of canopy and irregular branches. If required, we arrange for a BS5837 tree report to be conducted by a qualified arboriculturist.

All of the above can be mixed and matched to ensure that the client gets exactly what they require. We will ask a lot of questions at the quotation stage - too much info is money wasted, and not enough results costly revisits to site. SDP endeavour to get it right first time

SDP Surveys use the best surveying equipment available - manufactured by LEICA Geosystems. Swiss made, with arguably the finest optics, for data aquisition. Our electronic total stations are equipped with reflectorless technology for remote measurement at up to 80m when access is not available. Instruments are motorised with the LEICA ATR target recognition function which allows our surveyors to automatically track, measure and record targets. This allows surveys to be more efficient, faster and more acurate.


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